Friday, February 4, 2011

Newest Project

Ok, So I'm back from MPC, London. Finishing school in this June. I really wanted to graduate so I came back. I'm currently working at the CTL at BYU. It's easy and on campus. Rob Allen is my boss and he is the coolest guy. The project we are currently working on is about a scenario where this girl is being stalked by a creepy guy and she goes to the BYU counciling center about it. It's being animated and everything. I've done alot of texturing and setting up shader controls on the characters. The character above is the first test I was doing of our lighting pipeline in mental ray. I put these 3 images to show what depth of field can do to either improve the image or change it some. If your not careful specs that you don't want to be blown out will change when you blur it too much. For example her specs in her eyes became too specular when I used too much blur. She looks a little stoned because of it in the first one. However you can see how blurring it works well for hiding textures of least importance in the back ground such as shown in the bottom image.

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